one-on-one coaching

This faith based coaching program will inspire you and equip you to "look up and Beyond" your negative past and current circumstances. Designed to help you overcome adversity, stop waiting for the right time and step into your NOW time.

The time is NOW to be whole, happy and healthy. The time is NOW for you to not only know your purpose but have a daily plan for walking successfully in it. The time is NOW for you to DO what you were born to do.

This seasonal program is open to women and men. It currently has limited slots and requires a brief interview style consultation as part of the acceptance process.


"My experience with Jessica Janniere was powerful and deep. Her energy was positive, she gave me God inspired advice and best of all, it was a judgment free zone. As a result, I could be myself. I would highly recommend Jessica to anyone who wants to go higher in life. It was worth the investment."

Joel Perez

"Her calm support and inquisitive questions helped bring me to a place of clarity and hope. I was able to formulate a plan, visualize my goals, and experience peace in what God is doing in my life because of her encouraging support. I was challenged to dream big, but not let those dreams overwhelm me."

Rishona Haynes

"I knew that I had a big vision and many goals but I felt stuck. During our sessions, we dug deep and pulled up the roots of fear and self-imposed limitations. She is an excellent coach that I recommend to anyone who's serious about getting to the next level in their life. She will take you there."

Leonie Morency

Entrepreneur and Founder of Global Cross Ministries


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